Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Tale of Valiant Women

From iBenedictines:
One October morning in the year 1793, twenty English nuns and one novice were turned out of their monastery in the Rue des Anglaises, Cambrai, by French Revolutionaries. They were Benedictines who had lived quietly in the city since 1623, because the Penal Laws of the time forbade the establishment of monasteries in their home country. They had known what was likely to happen, but they kept hoping it wouldn’t. They stayed on as Revolutionary fervour made their position more and more insecure, fretting about their diminishing income and worrying about the future. D. Ann Teresa Partington wrote a spirited account of the nuns’ travails during this period while another, D. Anne-Joseph Knight, sent a series of letters to her family after her return to England which suggest the shock and horror of events. It was night when the knock on the door finally came. (Read more.)

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