Monday, April 15, 2019

The Kingdom of Alt Clut

From Kings and Queens:
Alt Clut was a Brythonic kingdom in the western part of Scotland that later became Strathclyde.  The Kingdom was ruled from Dumbarton Rock Alt Clut until around 870AD when the rock was captured and sacked by Norse-Gaels from the Kingdom of Dublin after a four month siege.  There after the centre of the kingdom moved to Govan.  Govan is now situated in modern Glasgow and had previously been a religious centre.  The kingdom later was known as Cumbria after 870 and may have ruled parts of modern day Cumbria in the 10th and 11th centuries AD.  In the 11th century AD the Kingdom of Alba conquered Stathclyde, but the area remained distinctive with different laws using the Cumbric language alongside Gaelic until the 12th Century AD.

Below is a synopsis of some of the early kings of Alt Clut.

Ceretic Guletic was king of Alt Clut in the 5th Century AD.  He was identified with Coroticus a Britonnic warrior mentioned on a letter by Saint Patrick.  One of the letters is addressed to the warband of the Coroticus people.  The letter mentions the enslavement of newly Christianised Irish and the sale of Christians. (Read more.)

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