Saturday, May 5, 2018

Boys Need Their Space

From The Daily Wire:
It's fitting that the Girl Scouts are still the Girl Scouts while the Boy Scouts have changed their identity and now even their name to include girls. Girls can still have their own spaces and their own organizations in our culture. They are forced to allow boys into their locker rooms and bathrooms, which is insane and dangerous, but even in that case the boy has to pretend to be a girl in order to gain admittance. Boys, on the other hand, are expected to include girls in everything. They are provided no area and no time to be boys, and do boy things, and be around other boys. We used to understand that boys need space apart from girls. Not anymore. (Read more.)
There's a war, but why? From Louder with Crowder:
Here’s my theory: masculinity and femininity have value. They’re special. Necessary, even, to a functioning culture and society. Not only do both men and women need each other, societies need men and women to be men and women. Not just for the procreation of the species. There’s much more to both men and women than simply popping out and raising offspring. Men and women provide much needed balance to each other. There’s more than just a biological reason there are two sexes. We are different from each other for multiple purposes, the reasons of which are too numerous to name in one OpEd. You may say that’s a copout. Fine.

Note I’ve not defined what “masculinity” and “femininity” are. Because definitions for both are broad by necessity; individual men and women are special for being individuals. Much to a leftist’s misunderstanding, a masculine man needn’t be a roid-shooting bro flexing his guns in a gym anymore than a feminine lady needs to be a small-waisted pixy baking pies she clearly doesn’t eat, barefoot and in the kitchen.

But that’s what the left wants us to believe. That somehow masculine and feminine are out-dated notions to be shelved with gender roles. That each is somehow confining and limiting, rather than freeing. And the only way to be free is to be free of labels. Specifically traditional labels. Labels like “man” and “woman.” For each contains some kind of connotation the left cannot stomach. All boiling down to innate, biological differences. And to the left, differences = inequality.

Masculinity and femininity, therefore, should be put away and studied by future generations. Students all huddled together in the same classroom, wearing gender neutral uniforms, all taught that sameness is better, that sameness is equality, and equality is the gold standard of life.

The opposite is actually true. But in a culture which punishes greatness, or what is special and makes someone special, anything which defines someone must be squashed. For whenever someone is someone else isn’t. Those who are masculine are not feminine and vice versa. The dichotomy cannot be tolerated in a society of sameness. In a collective of one obedient unit. (Read more.)

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