Monday, November 7, 2016

Q&A With Poldark’s Historical Advisor

From Laurel Ann Nattress:
We are deep into the drama, romance and adventure of the second season of Poldark, the reboot of the 1970s Masterpiece hit series set on the Cornish coast in late 18th-century England. This new period drama accurately depicts the life and times of the landed gentry and the miners and peasant folk who live and work under their stewardship — good and bad. Recreating an era of Cornwall that is now over two hundred years old is a challenge for 21st century filmmakers. Historical advisor to the production is Dr. Hannah Greig, author, teacher and historian extraordinaire, who joins us today for an interview. 
Welcome Hannah…       (Read more.)


Stephen Lowe said...

I have to admit, I have been sucked in.

elena maria vidal said...

So have I. And I am reading the series as well!