Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Scorched Earth

From Andrew Zarowny:
If I were to describe ″Scorched Earth: Restoring The Country After Obama″, the new book by Dr. Michael Savage, in just three words, they would be; Brilliant, Urgent, and Necessary. Published by Center Street, an imprint of Hatchet Book Group, ″Scorched Earth″ poses the most important question of 2016. ″Are we one bad election away from losing everything?″ Michael Savage, host of the popular radio show, ″The Savage Nation″, has been selected to be added to the National Radio Hall of Fame this year for his mastery of the ′Spoken Word′. In ″Scorched Earth″, Savage artfully masters the ′Written Word′ as well. He takes us through the last 8 years under Barack Obama and details the destruction and harm Obama has left in his wake. Michael Savage lays out his case for why it is essential to elect Donald Trump to replace Obama in the White House, rather than allowing Hillary Rodham Clinton the opportunity to continue the Obama agenda and do more harm to our country.

For 22 years, Michael Savage has been preaching his message of ′Borders, Language and Culture′. In ″Scorched Earth″, Savage details how Obama has trashed our borders, allowing a flood of illegal immigrants, as well as potential terrorists into America. How the agenda of ′Political Correctness′ is turning the ′New Speak′ of George Orwell′s ″1984″ into a real weapon of tyranny. Of how Barack Obama is assaulting our culture on every level, from government and the military, to institutions such as our legal and education systems, even our churches and the American family. In the view of ′The Savage Nation′, Obama is engaged in a policy of scorched earth, burning down and destroying everything of value, everything of necessity we need as a nation to survive and prosper.

″Scorched Earth″ is, in many ways, a timely continuation of the two previous non-fiction books on politics by Michael Savage, ″Stop The Coming Civil War″ and ″Government Zero″. I have read and reviewed them here and see the trend which Savage is taking. ″Stop The Coming Civil War″ came out just before the 2014 mid-term elections, stressing the urgent need to wrestle control of the U.S. Senate away from the Democratic Party. In ″Government Zero″, which came out just before the presidential primaries, Savage focused on the need to select an opposition candidate who would take on the corrupt Globalists. ″Scorched Earth″ is the logical follow-up to these two books.

While there is plenty of doom and gloom in ″Scorched Earth″, Michael Savage does provide us with hope for a better future. The election of Donald Trump, whose campaign message is extremely similar to the Savage doctrine of ′Borders, Language, Culture′, would be a major step in stopping the policy of destruction by Obama. But our opposition is large and powerful, they will try their best to derail Trump. An economic collapse always hangs over our heads by the Globalists. In addition, the Progressive-Marxist agenda has already done so much damage to our nation, even the best efforts by Trump in 4 or 8 years may not be enough.

Michael Savage does have faith in the American People, particularly those he calls ″The Eddies″. Savage refers to those ordinary men and women who, forged on the anvil of the Great Depression, managed to defeat Fascism during World War 2. ′The Eddies′ are still with us. We see them everyday. They are the police and firemen who risk their lives daily to protect us. The men and women of our armed forces who defend our nation. The farmers who grow our food, the bus driver who safely takes our children to school and back. The men and women who work, pay taxes and raise a family, adhering to traditional values of faith, justice and common sense. (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

For the past couple of hundred years colonists then Immigrants have come to this continent for a better life and embraced the unique opportunity to live the "American Dream". They brought their differences but still became One people. The current trend however is to flood this country with refugees who do not embrace our ideas as Americans. It is important for a country's people to experience a unity and consistency of history leaving behind, while at the same time injecting what is best from where they sprang.