Monday, July 18, 2016

On Forgiveness

I think many people are confused about the meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness means the victim is able to let go of revenge and wish the offender well. It does not mean a person is bound to tolerate evil, immoral or abusive behavior. How many children have suffered in abusive situations because of a distorted understanding of forgiveness? When someone has injured us, common sense dictates that, even when we have forgiven, we do not have to let the person back into our circle so that they can hurt us again. We are within our rights to stay away from the person. I think it is hardest to forgive someone who is not sorry for what they did. In that case, all we can do is say with Jesus: "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." Our feelings may or may not follow, but what matters is the will to forgive.

Please listen to Mercy Unwrapped, HERE. More HERE. And HERE, a powerful testimony.


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julygirl said...

You are so right in that!! I feel forgiveness is more for the benefit of our souls and our psyches and to please our Lord than it is to restore a fractured relationship. When one entertains internal anger or holds a grudge against someone it starts its work creating negativity within one's core that can lead to ill physical and mental health. And in the current atmosphere throughout the world it is leading to the deaths of innocent people.