Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taking a Stand for the Unborn

From Mary Beth Bonacci:
Abortion — essentially through all nine months of pregnancy — has been legal in this country for more than 40 years. We have all grown accustomed to it. We still may oppose it, of course. We hate what it does to unborn children and to women. We grieve with our friends, the women who run from the memory, who are traumatized by the “choice” that haunts them years later. We want it to end.
But we have lost that fire in our bellies, the sickening realization that human lives are being cruelly snuffed out by the thousands every day in our own back yards.

Let me be very clear. I don’t care how these videos were obtained. I don’t particularly care at what profit level the transfer of these tiny little human organs becomes legal or illegal. Those are all distractions. What I care about is what these videos have revealed, in graphic detail, to a complacent America. It is legal — and commonplace — to crush the most innocent of human persons to death, from above or below or wherever, to suction brains and smash heads, to kill babies in early or late stages of their development and to throw their tiny little corpses into freezers to part out for profit or science or research or whatever.

For years, we have heard that these smallest little beings really are not persons, that they are not yet fully human. And yet, the very fact that their organs are human gives them a dollar value on the open market.

What’s wrong with us?

Yes, we need to investigate Planned Parenthood. Yes, we need to stop giving them taxpayer money. But we can’t stop there. God has given us a tremendous opportunity. He has ripped away the curtain that hid the reality of abortion. He has shown us the gruesome procedures behind the euphemisms of “reproductive freedom” and “choice.” (Read more.)

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