Saturday, August 15, 2015


A fine old Maryland house, down the road from where we lived. For my friend Virginia, it was her family home. To quote:
All my life I’ve heard stories of Boscobel, the beloved Italianate home of my great-grandparents.  The beauty of every room, the stories of balls held there, my grandparents’ romance, and my mother’s charmed childhood.

The property is now part of the National Park Service, with the structures where my mother grew up serving as offices for the Monocacy Battlefield park.  But my interest in the place has nothing to do with Civil War history, and everything to do with my own.

So today, Katherine and I went to Boscobel .

 Approaching the house from the stone mill house at the base of the driveway.  The mill house is where my grandparents lived, and where my mother was born. (Read more.)

Boscobel aka Edgewood is currently part of the Monocacy Battlefield Park on Urbana Pike outside of Frederick, MD.


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julygirl said...

So fortunate for us in this time that it is so well preserved and will continue to be. It was awe inspiring in its own age and is doubly so in this age. So glad you were able to get inside and share the beautiful interior details with us.