Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gallery Walk of September 2014

Punt Boats
In Easton, MD every first Friday the art galleries open in the evening and serve wine, fruit and cheese to art lovers from all over Talbot County. I had the pleasure of taking it in with a painter friend who was able to explain to me what made the good art so good. The highlight was definitely the 717 Gallery which belongs to Louis Escobedo and his wife Yolanda. For one thing, they served the most exquisite selection of cheeses.  Mr. Escobedo is a nationally-known award-winning artist. His works are luminous, especially his paintings of flowers and women. Do take a stroll through his gallery.

Two Roses
Girl in Sun Dress

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julygirl said...

Lovely....the art as well as the idea of an open night specifically set aside to view it. How enjoyable!