Saturday, August 9, 2014

Le Château de la Motte Fénelon

From Vicki Archer at French Essence:
Most years we drive from London to Provence for the summer. A long journey, but there is a certain luxury to your own car and escaping the joys of airports and plane travel. We usually stay somewhere different overnight… a chance to explore new areas of France and to break the journey. This year we stopped in Cambrai at Chateau de la Motte Fenelon in northern France. Cambrai is a popular stopping off point for those history buffs interested in exploring the French battlefields… the Western Front and memorials from World War I. Cambrai is not the most scenic of French destinations that I have been too… yet the hotel that we stayed in was a true surprise. Chateau de la Motte Fenelon is one of those beautiful buildings that has survived yet been encroached upon by modern life and progress. (Read more.)

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