Monday, February 11, 2013

War in Heaven

Fr. Angelo on the strife that exists between Catholics.
Here is the problem.  We cannot pretend we always agree.  We cannot perpetuate the naive optimism and malaise of the last fifty years.  Decisive action is a good thing and we cannot stand around wringing our hands because at every turn someone is offended.  But that does not mean that we are without standards, or that we will only insist that they be applied to those with whom we disagree.  For example, those in the blogosphere could be a great deal more civil, beginning with me.  But no one should presume to enter into the controversies of the day and pride themselves as a kind of new crusader and then be thinned-skinned about disagreement.  In particular, I think this applies to those who are inclined to defend their favorite internet personality, no matter what their hero says or does.

But if it is true that in the midst of our conflict with principalities and powers we find ourselves in scandalous conflicts with those of our own household, then we should remember that as Catholics we have a special appeal to unity.  That appeal comes from the person who sits in the Chair of Peter.  The Roman Catholic Church is not a police state. On a great many of topics there will always be a legitimate back and forth.  But the principle of unity that rises above opinion and controversy, taste, background and temperament is the teaching of Peter. (Read entire post.)

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Elizabeth said...

Father makes good points regarding the Church being divided, that's for sure. But I beg to differ with his taking to task Bishop Fellay and the SSPX. I have read various articles by him over the years that left me with the impression that he has no affinity or agreement for SSPX's views so this doesn't surprise me.

Bishop Fellay's comment: "To defend the faith, to keep the faith, to die in the faith, this is the essential thing!" pretty much hits the nail on the head, to me at least. The post-Conciliar Church IS infected with Modernism. Fr. Angelo then seems to attribute to Bishop Fellay and SSPX a view that they consider the Pope the enemy. Uh no, I don't think Fellay or the SSPX view the Pope as the enemy at all. Far from it.

Just my opinion. I'm not a member of the SSPX. Just a sinner striving for Heaven. I pray there will someday be a regularization of the Society as their full integration would have nothing but a powerfully good influence throughout the Catholic world.