Sunday, February 17, 2013


From Gio:
Leonard Antid is supposed to have excelled in the art of placing poufs of gauze, which were introduced between the locks, and one day he employed for that purpose about 14 yards of gauze for one hairdress. But all these poufs differed greatly from the pouf aux sentiments owing to their simplicity; they also required no assistance from the milliner. The pouf aux sentiments could contain such various objects as fruit, flowers, vegetables, stuffed birds, dolls, and many other things giving expression to the tastes, the preferences, and the sentiments, of the wearer. (Read entire post.)


The North Coast said...

These coifs are fun to look at, but I can't imagine wearing one. The women who did, kept the same do in place for a week at a time. Imagine not being able to comb your hair for a week, never mind washing it.

Gio said...

Thanks for the link!