Friday, February 1, 2013

Court Dress, 1818

This odd gown, from a March 1818 British fashion plate, shows the attempt to revive the paniers of the last century, at least for the ladies of the Court. It combines the high waistline of the Empire/Regency style with the wide skirts of the 1700's. In France, the daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette tried to introduce the same sort of gown at the Tuileries. (Via The Pragmatic Costumer.)


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The North Coast said...

I can sympathize with the attempt to revive full skirts and see why the they returned to vogue by 1825. I love the empire style, but it is not flattering to "full-figured" or middle-aged women. The large, full skirts lent a woman's figure majesty while concealing figure flaws like spreading waistlines, hips, and stomachs, while the clingy empire dresses thrust such features into relief.