Monday, February 18, 2013

A Breton Mystic and the Royal Family

Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) was a Breton mystic whose stigmata was declared genuine by Monseigneur Fournier, the Bishop of Nantes. For decades Marie-Julie received insights and revelations concerning the past, present and the future. A member of the papal household, the Marquis de la Franquerie, who was personally acquainted with the seer, wrote Marie-Julie's biography, available online in English, HERE. As with any private revelation, even those which have been approved, it is good to read with discernment, remembering that we are free to believe or disbelieve as we choose. In the biography, the Marquis describes the following incident:
After the Revolution my family spread the cult of Madame Elizabeth of France, being steadfastly faithful to the Family of our Kings. Madame Elisabeth had just worked a miracle on our behalf (the birth of little Elisabeth who should never have been born, now the mother of four children). Soon after this miracle, a librarian of second-hand books to whom I often went and who knew of our attachment the Royal Family, showed me a book of the eighteenth century on which was written the prayer said by Madame Elisabeth, the prayer was signed Elisabeth-Marie. Without giving me further information he asked me to find out if the signature was really that of the Martyr Princess. I left a few days later in order to assist at an ecstasy of Marie-Julie and I took the book with me....I arrived when the ecstasy had already begun, I then placed the book on the knees of Marie-Julie, who did not know I was there. She immediately confirmed the authenticity of the relic and described Madame Elizabeth crowned in Heaven. (pp.20-21)
Marie-Julie spoke a great deal about future chastisements which would befall the world in general and France in particular, many of which have since come to pass even as she prophesied. She is one of the many mystics who describe a future "Three Days Darkness" as well as the coming of a great King, whom she told the Marquis would be of the blood of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. (p.51) Marie-Julie said Our Lady called them the King and Queen Martyrs. On four different occasions the Mother Of God told the seer that in the reign of the great and future King, Louis XVI would at last be glorified, which I assume means canonized. (p.49)


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lara77 said...

An amazing story; I so believe that God works through certain people. I had goosebumps reading the book. Thank you so much for being able to download the book in English. Of course many of us wonder why King Louis XVI was never recognized by the Catholic Church for his service to God and his nation. I have the feeling God recognized and rewarded this brave King who never raised a hand against his people. Thank you again Elena Maria for this story.