Friday, November 16, 2012

Sir Francis Drake

Queen Elizabeth's slave trader. To quote:
In 1567 the young Francis Drake sailed to Sierra Leone in a fleet commanded by his cousin, John Hawkins. Here they bought, stole and captured some 500 African slaves which they transported to the Spanish Main and sold to Spanish colonists. But although the colonists were glad to acquire the slaves, they were less happy about the merchant; King Philip of Spain had made it very clear that English merchants like Hawkins should be regarded as pirates, and kept out of his New World Empire. (Read entire post.)

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tubbs said...

Once again, the myth of Europeans going in and stealing Sub-Saharan Africans from their homes. This is pure fallacy. There were middle men, usually North African Muslims, who had procured these slaves from the victims' own chieftans.

And where does African slavery still survive? where does thrive? In Sub-Saharan Africa!