Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gifts from a King

The magnificent gifts from Louis XVI to George Washington were sadly never delivered.
We all know the story of France’s joining the American cause of liberty from Britain.  King Louis XVI considered himself a friend of President George Washington and wished to offer him a magnificent gift.  Unfortunately and ironically, the French Revolution prevented the great gift to be delivered to the American hero.  One of my contributors sent these images of a suite of Louis XVI gilt furniture with Aubusson covers with their “American themes” which are now in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.  Along with the furniture a series of Gobelin Tapestries were to accompany the furniture as gifts from the King.  This is an amazing story which I felt should be given greater exposure.  This is an amazing story.  A gift from a King to a rebellious American cause only to lose his head by his own band of revolutionaries.  The irony of it all! (Read entire post.)



Sassy Countess said...

These items are very beautiful!

On a twist to this story, President Washington did receive the key to the Bastille.

Anonymous said...

Exquisite! What a haunting irony, though. May they rest in eternal peace.