Friday, June 29, 2012

Madame Elisabeth on Providence

From a letter of Madame Elisabeth of France to a priest friend, dated June 25, 1792, a month and a half before the fall of the monarchy:
The future seems an abyss, from which we can only issue by a miracle of Providence. Do we deserve it? At that question I feel my courage fail me. Which of us can expect the answer, “Yes, you deserve it”? All suffer, but alas! none are penitent, none turn their hearts to God. As for me, what reproaches I have to make to myself! Swept along by the whirlwind of misfortune I have not asked of God the grace we need; I have relied on human help; I have been more guilty than others, for who has been as much as I the child of Providence? But it is not enough to recognize our faults; we must repair them. (Read entire post.)

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