Friday, June 8, 2012

Is it Too Late?

On the state of the nation.
Now, we are assured that this generation of Republicans has come home to the church and confessed its sins, and is prepared to face martyrdom in the name of fiscal responsibility. Well, perhaps. 
Yet, if it is difficult to see how the GOP advances toward a balanced budget, it is impossible to see how President Obama does. Would the party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, triumphant, scale back programs that are the pride of their party – Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid? Would Pelosi, Reid and Obama cut the number of bureaucrats and beneficiaries of federal programs, thereby demobilizing the unionized armies on which they depend at election time? 
When FDR came to power in 1933, after his running mate, "Cactus Jack" Garner, accused Herbert Hoover of taking us "down the road to socialism," the Federal government was spending 4 percent of GDP. Today, it spends 24 percent. Under both parties, under every president since FDR, domestic spending has moved in one direction. 
Ann Romney's question remains relevant. 
Is the trend inexorable? Is there any turning back? Is it too late? (Read entire article.)

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julygirl said...

Two former presidents in recent history have accomplished a 'balanced budget', one Republican and one Democrat, so it is not necessarily that one party spends more than the other....they are all in the pockets of their special interest else does a struggling rookie Senator and/or Congressman end up as millionaires.