Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Great Hypocrisy

Author Christina Croft looks at the Red Cross mission to Russia in 1917.
 Surprisingly, this ‘mission’ of 24 people comprised only 4 doctors and the rest were financiers, photographers and lawyers, and the mission leaders lived in the most expensive hotels, taking photographs and, no doubt, eyeing the resources of the country to which they had not had access under the Tsar.

In fact that mission, financed by J.P. Morgan (and probably donations from the sincere and well-meaning American people), had very little to do with the American Red Cross, which was actively working in a far more constructive way in various other countries. This mission, however, had a very different agenda – that of the Wall Street bankers and international financiers who had been involved in prolonging the war for financial gain, for access to the Russian oilfields and, of course, as part of their plan to dismantle all the autocracies of Europe....

What became of Wilson’s idea to ‘make democracy safe for everyone’? A grand imposing idea  that led to Hitler, Stalin and Trotsky (who, incidentally, had been driving round New York in a limousine before setting sail for Russia, and was released from captivity in Canada on the orders of Britain and America so that he could continue the revolution in Russia) and Lenin, who – great socialist that he was! – had been living in relative luxury in Switzerland before being funded by the financier Jacob Schiff and others, to cause such disruption in Russia.
Everything....everything we were taught about the First World War is a great myth and one that involves a good deal of hypocrisy! This is but the tip of the iceberg. I would go so far as to say that up until that time, it was the great crime ever committed against humanity, the greatest con in history and even to this day people believe the lie that it was an Imperial War led by kings and emperors. (Read entire post.)


Brantigny said...

Elena-Maria, one of the greatest myths is that the world wants to be just like the US. Democracy and republicanism are words as foriegn as the secret speech of flys, just so much buzzing. It is a hubris to suppose that every nation, if given a choice, would choose our form of Government. It is just not so. I still see no other fopmulary than that of a monarchy.

May said...

Wilson was actually none too fond of the American constitution. Such ideas as natural rights preceding the state, federalism and separation of powers placed too many limits on government for the liking of this man and other Progressives. There is some discussion of this here: