Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pregnancy is Not a Disease

From Real Love Inc:
Pregnancy is how a woman’s body is supposed to work.  It’s the way we’re made.  Birth control works against that, by preventing or altering the body’s normal processes.  In classifying contraception as “preventative”, the United States government has deemed the healthy functioning of women’s healthy bodies as defective, and in need of government-provided intervention to alter.

So now women’s healthy bodies are deemed defective.  But what about men?  Apparently their non-impregnable anatomies are fine just as they are, and in that respect represent the standard for which women should strive.  CNN made this point when they said that “Liberal groups have pushed for an expansive contraception coverage requirement on grounds of gender equality in health care.”

So now “gender equality” apparently requires that women’s bodies function like men’s bodies.
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MadMonarchist said...

My older sister told me I was a disease for years. However, this "equality" stuff (and I am really begining to hate that word) made me wonder if this means men are entitled to free condoms? If products which prevent pregnancy are provided for women, why not men too? But, of course, there is a HUGE double standard when it comes to gender and having babies. When a child is in the womb it is "her" baby and she can abort it without the father's permission, without him even knowing about it. However, if she chooses to have the baby, it is suddenly "his" baby when the demand for child support payments come up. It never fails to baffle me how no one seems to notice such a blatant double standard. She can kill "his" baby whether he wants the child or not but if she chooses to have "her" baby, he has to pay up whether he wanted the child or not.

This is the sort of stuff that makes me say the most sane people I've ever met were in the mental hospital.

That, and all the fuss about paying for birth control when "self control" is free of charge. I keep shouting at the TV, 'If you don't want to get pregnant, you don't need pills to prevent it! We do know what causes pregnancy and it's not a lack of pills!!!'

I need to lie down...

elena maria vidal said...

Great points, MM!

Alexandriaweb said...

"Pregnancy is how a woman’s body is supposed to work."

If that's how she CHOOSES it should work.
If I CHOOSE to prevent my body being used as a tool of overpopulation then it is my right to do so.

elena maria vidal said...

Oh, so YOU are God. Excuse me, I didn't know.

Overpopulation is a myth. But if you think there are too many people, I am curious to know which ones you think have no right to breathe on this earth.