Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Duchess of York and the Turks

I find this story extraordinary.
The Duchess of York may have done some toe-curlingly awful things in her life – not the least ghastly of which was trying to persuade someone (who of course turned out to be a journalist on the prowl) to give her half a million for an introduction to Prince Andrew. But she has done some very good things as well. One of them, little-known and wholly untrumpeted by the media, has been raising millions towards the care and resettlement of Romanian orphans. This led her to another, I think, splendid action: together with an ITV team, she encompassed the exposure of the mind-bending cruelty with which mentally disturbed children were (and presumably still are) being treated in Turkey.

The sensitivity of the Turks at the time the ITV programme was first broadcast (three years ago, when they kicked up a huge fuss) clearly had to do with their ambition to enter the EU. They even accused the Duchess herself of trying singlehandedly to scupper this ambition....

One thing is clear enough: that if Turkey were now a member of the EU, the Duchess of York would already have been arrested on a European arrest warrant, and would probably already be languishing in a Turkish jail awaiting trial. So far, the worst case involving these appallingly unjust warrants (against which there is no appeal in an English court) led to a year in a stinking Greek jail for an innocent man. That case could one day be horrendously overshadowed by new injustices, beginning with the most sensational of all: for if ever Turkey does join the EU, the Duchess of York will undoubtedly, soon after the country’s accession, be in handcuffs on a plane to Ankara, there to await trial and a probable jail sentence of up to 22 years, for doing something which in any other EU country would have been perfectly legal. (Read entire article.)


Mercury said...

Let's hope Turkey is NEVER let into the EU. I can't believe there is anyone at all who considers it a good idea. Better yet, let's hope the EU disintegrates and is replaced by a peaceful common market or something along the lines of what Otto von Habsburg had in mind ... better yet, let's pray that they convert!

Sadly, the reality is that it's all over for Europe. They have no hope, no future, and they did it to themselves. Amazing how self-love and prosperity can cause permanent damage that not even WWII did.

lara77 said...

I too hope Turkey does not join the EU; culturally they are continents away. The Turks still deny the genocide of the Armenians.When the French National Assembly condemned the genocide of the Armenians the Turks criticized the French for the history of their atrocities. I cannot see any rapprochement between the EU and Turkey. ( The French condemnation was a bit hypocritical when the French themselves still officially deny the genocide of the Vendee!)