Friday, February 25, 2011

Requiem for Friendship

Anthony Esolen discusses in a poignant and disturbing manner how our society's obsession with sexuality will taint our perceptions of the most basic and natural relationships. To quote:
So far, I have lamented the attenuation of male friendships, which suffer under a terrible pincers attack: The libertinism of our day thrusts boys and girls together long before they are intellectually and emotionally ready for it, and at the same time the defiant promotion of homosexuality makes the natural and once powerful friendships among boys virtually impossible.
Anyone can count up the resulting cases of venereal disease and teen pregnancies. A few social analysts of more penetrating insight can note what is unquantifiable, the despair among our young people, the dullness in the eye, the feeling that people are never to be trusted, that to fall in love is to be a contemptible fool.


May said...

What a fantastic article! It brought tears to my eyes by the end.

Julygirl said...

They indulge in thoughts and actions far beyond their years. The beginning of the loss of innocence actually started after WWI and spiraled downward from there.