Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Great Skirts Debate

Betty Beguiles handles the matter with grace and aplomb, saying:
We find ourselves in a unique place in history. Though women today are experiencing unparalleled freedom, we are not yet far enough away from a time when we were socially marginalized to have completely moved on. Because there may be some residual fear of having their liberties taken away, some women have a knee-jerk reaction when they hear it suggested that there might be some benefit to their favoring skirts over pants. Several of the individuals who contributed to this conversation asserted that the mere fact that the question had been raised concerned and insulted them....
When questions are raised regarding the appropriateness of women wearing pants, they are often received as a demand that women take a step backwards in the quest for equality. One of the key tenets of the feminist revolution of the 1960’s was that, in order to be equal, women should not be asked or expected to do anything differently from men. The assumption being that to do so would be an infringement upon our autonomy and might prevent us from living full lives. This worldview has so infiltrated our culture that the average American wouldn’t even think to question it.


Nancy Reyes said...

Trousers came in with miniskirts. They were more modest, and warmer in the winter.

I changed to long skirts myself, as a doctor, because I "dress up" for my patients,but most nurses now wear pants for practical reasons. Ever try to do CPR in a skirt?

Not everything is "political".

the real problem is lack of feminine clothing per se.

I watch Fashion channel Asia and the wonderful feminine dresses (and pants/tunic combinations) make me wish I could wear them here....but in the rural Philippines, everyone under 40 wears Jeans and teeshirts...we only see skirts in uniforms for school or in women who are attending the local Protestant church services.


Jessie said...

I think the more important aspect to realize what you feel confortable in. If it's skirts, that's fine. If it's pants, that's fine too. I really can't see why this is such a big deal...