Thursday, February 24, 2011

Canterbury Manor

Another grand old Talbot County, Maryland plantation is Canterbury Manor. Originally known as "Tilghman's Fortune" it was yet another land grant made by Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore in 1659The plaque on the front gates reads thus:
1000 Acres Patented 17 January 1659/60 to Richard Tilghman, citizen and chirurgeon of London, later Maryland planter. On this manor was first seated Dr. Richard Tilghman, who was granted by the Lord Baron of Baltimore the prerogatives of a "Court Baron and all things thereunto belonging by ye law or custome of England". He was the great-grandfather of Colonel Tench Tilghman, Aide-de-Camp to General George Washington in 1665 Dr. Tilghman conveyed the manor to Richard Preston, commissioner for the Province of Maryland under Oliver Cromwell and the Commonwealth of England for whom it was resurveyed and granted by Lord Baltimore with full manorial privileges of a Court Baron. Erected and dedicated April 23, 1950 The Descendants of Lords of the Maryland Manors through the good offices of W. Alton Jones.
More about the famous Tench Tilghman in another post. The present structure of Canterbury is described by Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage:
Canterbury Manor is a colonial revival mansion on Bailey’s Neck, overlooking Trippe Creek, the main block built by Colonel F. Carroll Goldsborough in 1906. The majestic two-and-one-half story home was expanded by the Wheeler Family who lived in the house from 1915 until 1945. The grand foyer with original glass extends through to the water side of the house. The master bedroom has views of the entire property and a large porch overlooks the formal gardens and the pool. Featured on the third floor is a teddy bear-filled grandchildren’s dormitory tucked under the front facing eave.

I understand the house is currently in a state of disrepair but am still researching the matter. There is not much online so I am going to have to do some footwork, come springtime. Share


Julygirl said...

Fascinating! How beautiful.

Stephanie A. Mann said...

I enjoyed the creative spelling on that sign!

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, it seems they spelled things however they felt like at the moment.

kumari said...

So what did you find out? My friend used to live in this house and I would love to know what it looks like now. please publish a recent picture!