Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New CD

Australian writer and composer R.J. Stove, a reader of this blog, sent me information about a new CD featuring the famous portrait of Marie-Antoinette à la rose by Madame Vigée-Lebrun. Since Haydn was patronized by Marie-Antoinette's mother and the young archduchess grew up listening to his music, it is fitting to see her picture on the cover. (Haydn's Symphony No. 85 is named "reine" for Marie Antoinette herself.) According to a review of the CD:
As a companion to the 2CD set of “Paris” Symphonies, this CD presents the rest Ansermet’s Haydn recordings – two symphonies (recorded in 1965), the Trumpet Cocnerto (dating from 1957) and as a pendant, the Hummel Trumpet Concerto (recorded in 1968). The readings are certainly on a larger scale than that which we expect today, but are no less gallant or refined for that.
For parents looking for educational resources, Mr. Stove is the author of the highly recommended book A Student's Guide to Music History.

Here is an article called "Haydn and the Habsburgs" from History Today. Share


Lauren said...

I am *always* looking for new music and I am really excited about this cd!! Thank you for posting this I am looking into it now!

elena maria vidal said...

That's wonderful!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I've added the book to my wish list. :)

Anonymous said...

That does look like a really fascinating read!

One cannot help but noticing that this Madame Vigee-Lebrun painting which is depicted here, has Antoinette in the exact same pose as the Vigee-Lebrun painting you have on your website. Is it possible that the Queen posed for only one, and that the artist used the first painting as a model for the second, only changing clothes, hair and props? Or do you think the Queen posed for both the paintings in person?

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, you are correct, Gette, the Queen posed for the portrait in the white dress first but it was not considered regal enough and people were offended. So the artist put her in a court dress which went over better!

Anonymous said...

Ah! That explains it! Thanks!