Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It is hard to believe that my feisty and beautiful mother turns seventy-three today. The descendant of Spanish conquistadors, Chinese pirates, and Alabama Confederates is more energetic than ever, still driving like a bat out of hell.

My mom as a baby in her father's arms, in the Philippines, shortly before the Japanese occupation and her father's internment in the concentration camp. More HERE and HERE.

With her brother David in Birmingham, Alabama in 1947 after surviving the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Wedding day on October 14, 1961, Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, Washington.

In Gaithersburg, Maryland. She read to us a lot when we were little.

What a survivor! She is still taking care of all of us today, and lots of other people, too. Happy Birthday, Mama Alice! Share


Allison said...

What a loving tribute to your mother, God bless her! It is evident how much you admire her and the fruits of her mothering.

It is a delight that you share these photos with us. I know that when I come to your blog I will be whisked away to another time and place.

You are magical, that way.

Anonymous said...

LOL@ still driving like a bat out of hell!

Happy birthday, Alice! May God grant her many more happy, healthy years!


julygirl said...

Still drving like a bat out of hell and still racking up enough traffic tickets to support small municipalities.

Nancy Reyes said...


May said...

What a blessing, a good mother.

The whole story of your family is very touching and providential.

Gio said...

What a lovely and touching post!

A very happy birthday to your mother!