Friday, February 20, 2009

The Neighborhood Dive

Charles Coulombe remarks upon the fascinating social life that can be found in small, neighborhood taverns, "where everybody knows your name." Even as a university student, I could never stand trendy bars with a huge cover charge, where the music was so loud that conversation was rendered impossible. Unfortunately, such pretentious places abound in university towns. To this day, my husband and I enjoy a little pizza pub in Bellefonte called The Hofbrau, less than a block from our parish church. We often go there with friends after the Miraculous Medal novena on Monday nights. Although the decor has not changed much since the early 1940's, as I have been informed by certain inhabitants of Bellefonte, the food is good, simple tavern fare. As in many old Pennsylvania taverns, there are two entrances, one which leads directly into the bar, which in former times was only for men. The main entrance opens into the "dining area" to be used by ladies and families. The Hofbrau is a great place to talk for hours, solving the problems of the world. Share


tubbs said...

Bellefonte??? as in Happy Valley?...north of State College?
Oh NO, folks, its a hideous, horrible, God-forsaken area. Avoid it at all costs!
And for our Hostess, Madame BlogAuthor, I have one humble request: SSSHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

tubbs said...

Just Kidding, - Bellefonte and the surrounding area is absolutely beautiful. I have not been there since 1988, when I celebrated St.Agnes Eve (and a bitter chill it was!) with some friends from State College.
I had to relocate to Florida 18 mos.ago. Even though today is beach-weather perfect, I'd rather take a walk through a frozen Pennsylvania forest.

elena maria vidal said...

Haha, I knew you were kidding. Yes, it is a nice place to live, in a quaint sort of way.