Saturday, February 21, 2009

Killer Robots

Star Wars is getting a bit too close for comfort. (Via Platonic Shift)
Autonomous military robots that will fight future wars must be programmed to live by a strict warrior code or the world risks untold atrocities at their steely hands.

The stark warning – which includes discussion of a Terminator-style scenario in which robots turn on their human masters – is issued in a hefty report funded by and prepared for the US Navy’s high-tech and secretive Office of Naval Research .

The report, the first serious work of its kind on military robot ethics, envisages a fast-approaching era where robots are smart enough to make battlefield decisions that are at present the preserve of humans. Eventually, it notes, robots could come to display significant cognitive advantages over Homo sapiens soldiers.



Matterhorn said...

It is really a bad idea, to replace humans with robots in such critical areas. As the article points out, these machines could get totally out of hand. A sort of "Sorcerer's Apprentice" situation!

elena maria vidal said...

VERY scary! I keep hoping that someone will write in to tell me it's a joke.

Matterhorn said...

I suppose it could be a joke: let's hope so. But you never know these days.