Thursday, January 24, 2008

St. Francis de Sales

Today is the feast of Saint Francis de Sales. He is a saint very close to my heart.
Here is one of his best-known sayings:

Do not look forward to the mishaps of this life with anxiety, but await them with perfect confidence so that when they do occur, God, to whom you belong, will deliver you from them. He has kept you up to the present; remain securely in the hand of his providence, and he will help you in all situations. When you cannot walk, he will carry you. Do not think about what will happen tomorrow, for the same eternal Father who takes care of you today will look out for you tomorrow and always. Either he will keep you from evil or he will give you invincible courage to endure it. Remain in peace; rid your imagination of whatever troubles you.

Terry Nelson has some thoughts as well.

Fr. Mark on confidence and peace according to St. Francis de Sales.

God never changes. God is worthy of all our confidence. That “blessed assurance” is, ultimately, the only remedy for the anxiety that at certain hours torments even the most phlegmatic among us. Saint Francis de Sales invites us to let go of the false security of the anxieties that have become so dear, and to surrender in peaceful confidence to the “blessed assurance” of the Love of God. Confiance et paix.



Anonymous said...

Both St. Francis De Salle and St. Alphonsus Ligouri have accompanied me in my Christian journey. They are wise guides.

lara77 said...

Thank You for the words from St. Francis De Salle. I have been down for awhile(trying to give love and support to my beautiful sister who has breast cancer.) When you feel so alone and helpless the words of St. Francis remind us Our Father in Heaven will never leave our side. Thank You and Bless You.

elena maria vidal said...

Lara, I will pray for your sister. God bless you.