Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Day of Prayer and Mourning

Abortion rates are going down, but the use of the abortion pill is on the rise. Aside from the dire moral and spiritual issues, there surely are terrible effects upon women's health from inducing a miscarriage, in spite of what they say in articles such as this one in The Washington Post.
The French abortion pill RU-486, on the market since 2000, has become an increasingly common alternative, making abortion less clinical and more private. At a time when the overall number of abortions has been steadily declining, RU-486-induced abortions have been rising by 22 percent a year and now account for 14 percent of the total -- and more than one in five early abortions performed by the ninth week of pregnancy.

The pill, often called "miffy" after its chemical name mifepristone and brand name Mifeprex, also has helped slow the decline in abortion providers, as more physicians who previously did not perform the procedure discreetly start to prescribe the pill.

"The impact and the promise is huge," said Beth Jordan, medical director of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. "It's going a long way towards normalizing abortion."


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