Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump and Conversative Christians

From Chronicles:
Christians say they want to combat abortion, to promote “traditional marriage,” and hold communities and families together, but the donor-class oligarchs’ plan is to de-industrialize the country, driving the working class into the underclass. It’s already happened and is continuing to happen, made evident by increased mortality rates among working-class whites.

As the working class becomes a true proletariat complete with underclass behavioral norms, crime, what used to be called “broken homes,” and, yes, abortions, will be or already are the “new normal” for them. If we as Christians defend our working people, their jobs, and their wages, they can at least have a chance to form stable families and I would venture to guess there would likely be fewer abortions. Trump is speaking up for them, pointing to a practical way to directly attack the cultural and social rot that is destroying them and us. Cruz and Rubio have positioned themselves as defenders of “family values,” yet have supported trade deals that have undermined the economic base for family formation.

Finally, Trump is absolutely correct to say that if he had not brought immigration control front and center as a major issue in this campaign, the usual GOP suspects would have buried it. As the country is transformed by immigration, including by non-Christians, a significant number of them hostile to our faith, the corporate globalizers not only have their pool of cheap labor to finish off the American working class, the Left has its political foot soldiers—foot soldiers who are interested first of all in the ethnic spoils system, not in “family values.”

Trump may be a deeply flawed vessel, but flawed leaders have done good before, something that Christians, I think, should understand most of all. (Read more.)

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MadMonarchist said...

When Scalia passed and the SCOTUS suddenly became a much bigger campaign issue, my first thought was, "what's the point?" It was made pretty clear, I thought, that Roe v. Wade is "settled law" and that no one in the Republican Party was going to try to reverse the gay "marriage" ruling so I genuinely don't know what conservative Christians want control of the SCOTUS for. Guns? I'm from Texas, I've never worried about that because whatever the court rules in regard to banning guns is never going to be enforced. It's never going to happen. Is that why Christians have been voting for Trump? I don't know.

The number of Christians who actually oppose things like abortion and gay "marriage" seems rather hard to grasp. All the mainline Protestant churches either support or at least do not oppose these things. The Catholic Church has been the last major hold-out and even there many people have been caused to believe the Roman position to be somewhat ambiguous. I wouldn't be surprised if many traditional Christians (Catholic and Protestant alike) feel just as betrayed by their spiritual leaders as their political ones. Perhaps that would explain it, I don't know, I only know my own thoughts and it seems to me that conservative politicians and many/most Christian leaders have given up on the old battles, reversed course or at least decided to look for other, easier causes to back like "social justice" or "climate change".