Thursday, January 8, 2015

Local News

From the Star-Democrat:
Mayapple Books ( announces that "The Paradise Tree: A Novel," by Elena Maria Vidal has been chosen by Kirkus as among the top 100 best books of 2014, and one of the top 20 best indie books of the year, according to the December 2014 edition of Kirkus Reviews.
The Paradise Tree grows from the maxim “in every Eden, there dwells a serpent...” The year is 1887 in Leeds County, Ontario. The O’Connor clan is gathering to mourn the loss of its patriarch Daniel O’Connor, an Irish immigrant. The story of Daniel and his wife Brigit is one of great hardships, including illness, ill-starred romances, war and political upheavals, as well as undying love and persevering faith. As Daniel is laid to rest, his grandson Fergus receives a piercing insight into what his own calling in life will be.
This novel includes adult themes of struggles with addiction and depression, as well as the ordinary trials of parenthood and married life. The author took care to insure historical authenticity in portraying the way of life of early settlers in Ontario. (Read more.)


Terry Nelson said...

O my goodness! Congratulations - that is absolutely wonderful. I'm so happy for you!

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Terry. You should read the book; you would love it!

julygirl said...

...and I might add, quite deserved!! A lovely read. Congratulations.