Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fake Hate Crimes

There are plenty of genuine crimes motivated by hatred. Why does the press so often focus on the bogus ones? From Matt Walsh:
Here’s how it works: some desperate con artist invents a story of racism and/or sexism and/or homophobia and/or transgender discrimination out of whole cloth, and distributes the lie on Facebook and Twitter. Within minutes, national media outlets, with their rigorous ethical standards, take the questionable tale of prejudice and, without verifying anything, or following up with anybody, or questioning anything about any part of the clearly contrived narrative, they report the lie as fact. Immediately, the Mindless Mob carries the lie all the way to the viral promised land.

Then, inevitably, a few days later the truth comes out. The lie was a lie. The lie always sounded like a lie, and smelled like a lie, and looked like a lie, and that’s all because it was, in fact, a lie. But the truth never goes viral, so the lie metastasizes in the public conscience, and we all go about our days further convinced that we live in a country where gays, blacks and women simply can’t catch a break. (Read more.)


lara77 said...

Actually, the fake crimes cases that bother me the most are the people who fake a cancer diagnosis. THAT is beyond immoral; they should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. It is a fact that gays and transgender people are discriminated against in housing and jobs; of course there will always be the ones who lie for sympathy. Sad but true.

julygirl said...

I also believe many of the accusations of pedophilia against Priests in the RC church are fabricated.