Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Devotion to Mary

From the writings of Mother Mectilde de Bar:
Love Mary, and you will not die without her having made you love Jesus. This is what she does best, and this is what she never fails to do, if are willing to correspond to the graces she presents to us.

When I encounter a soul who has what she ought regarding the Mother of God, it seems to me that I hold such a soul’s salvation in my hands; by this I mean that I take it as something assured. If all souls were persuaded of this, they would love her tenderly and have a total trust in her. One must never fear to give her too much, nor to go beyond what is due her, because nothing remains in her, and all returns to Jesus and in Jesus.

I would have much more to say if I could express the advantages of this devotion. It is certain that it opens the intelligence to the understanding of ineffable things concerning the sacred mysteries and the ways of grace. It teaches one to pray, to practice mortification. It sustains and consoles one in sorrows. It keeps one from falling in the hour of temptation. It chases away our enemies visible and invisible, and defends us against their wicked designs. (Read more.)


tubbs said...

Charming 'Twenties' holy card style in this illustration.

Irene Cardillo said...

Beautiful text and image.