Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Loss of Feminine Dignity

Can the upheaval of the sexual revolution be reversed? To quote Mary Woodard:
The story goes something like this. For a woman, up until fairly recently, sex was a risky thing. She could ask much of a man before she consented to being his. She was the one who risked getting pregnant. The one who would have to carry the child, birth it, and nurture it. She had a right to be picky.

She could require things of her potential suitor. She could say, “If you want me, you had better be kind, and generous, and considerate, and just, and good, and honest. Will you promise to look after me and our potential child? On a lesser note, I like chocolate. Also, roses would not be amiss. Are you up on your diamond knowledge? Have I told you how much a like pearls?”

And in being picky, she civilized the male who wanted her, turning him into a man.

But then, along came the Sexual Revolution. Any personal risk to the woman was greatly lessened. Sex became cheap, and in turn women cheapened their very selves and lowered their own previously high requirements in order to attract the men whom they could no longer require anything from.

In an odd twist of fate, the sexual revolution—meant to raise women to grand heights of freedom and choice—birthed not only the strippers and the woman who was trying to have fun watching them with her husband, it also brought forth the fourteen-year-old girl who is made to feel guilty if she doesn’t attend to the “needs” of her male classmates.

It’s all fun and games, until you look at your child and realize that it has never occurred to her that she is absolutely priceless and worthy of any good thing she desires in a man.

No one has ever shown her this.

And it is the showing that matters. Telling your daughter “You are worth more than that!” means nothing, if you don’t require anything better yourself. (Read entire article.)

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The North Coast said...

Any teen girl who feels that she "must" do things she doesn't want to do to meet the "needs" of the boys, has been very, very badly parented.

There have always been these very needy and acquiescent women, and they didn't do any better in the pre-liberated era in which I grew up. These are people chronically lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem, and if I were the parents involved, I'd look in the mirror.

The best thing you can give your child in life is self-confidence and appropriate self-love, not to be confused with conceit, arrogance, or selfishness. A young woman who has confidence and love of herself has no difficulty maintaining her dignity, but without that, she's easy prey for every low-life.