Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elizabeth Howard

Thought by some to be a portrait of Elizabeth Howard
Anne Boleyn's mother. From author Judith Arnopp:
Elizabeth Howard was the eldest daughter of Thomas Howard (2nd Duke of Norfolk) by his first wife, another Elizabeth – this time by the name of Tilney. Through her father’s line Elizabeth Howard was directly descended from Edward II.
John Howard, the old Duke of Norfolk fought in King Richard's vanguard and perished at the Battle of Bosworth. As a result his estates were forfeit and his heir, Thomas Howard, faced had an uphill battle to gain favour with the new Tudor king. His estates were not restored until 1489. As a girl, Elizabeth served in the household of his queen, Elizabeth of York, and later as lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon. During this period rumours began to circulate that the young Henry VIII  was romantically involved with Elizabeth Howard but most historians now discount them. (Read entire post.)

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Anonymous said...

I like very much looking back at the women in history and reading about them. My secret hope is to maybe learn from some of their mistakes, as we know that history has a tendency of revolving into circles and repeat itself.