Friday, September 28, 2012

Les Rois Maudits

Some commentary on the superb novels by Maurice Druon about the last Capetian kings and the television series based upon the books.
It is the 1972-3  production of the marvellous series of novels by Maurice Druon (1918-2009)  Les Rois Maudits  about the political history of France between 1314 and 1340, and the origins of the Hundred Years War. There is an introductory article about them here.

As historical novels they are well researched, and come with end notes as to the sources used. Druon may take the most dramatic interpretation of events, but he produces a comprehensive and compelling narrative. The grand sweep of events is conveyed, but very much as the result of human choices and actions.

I think we can see more to the origins of the Hundred Years War than just the machinations of Robert of Artois, but the idea of the interplay of individuals makes for compelling reading or viewing. (Read entire post.)

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May said...

King Leopold III of Belgium and his second family enjoyed watching this series; I believe it was through his younger daughters' enjoyment that he ended up meeting and becoming a friend of Marcel Jullian.