Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Marriage of Mary I and Philip of Spain

The bride was happier about it than the groom, although at least he tried to behave himself.
He spent three days in Southampton, where he received members of the Council. On the 23rd, he finally rode to Winchester to meet his bride-to-be. He entered the city at about 6 o'clock and went straight to the cathedral, where he was welcomed by Gardiner. From there, he was led to his lodgings. Here, he ate and changed into a suit of white kid with a surcoat embroidered in silver and gold and a hat with a long plume. At 10'oclock, Philip, together with 12 Spanish and Flemish gentlemen, finally went to Wolvesey Palace to meet his future wife, Mary.

She was wearing a gown of black velvet with a silver underskirt and lots of jewels. "Modestly, she kissed her own hand before taking his, but he smiled and kissed her on the mouth 'in the English fashion'"*. Philip took his betrothed by the hand and led her to the presence chamber, where they talked for half an hour, while sitting on their thrones. Before leaving, he asked Mary to teach him how to say goodbye to the English lords, which positively impressed them. All too soon, Philip was gone. Two days later, they were married. (Read entire post.)

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