Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An English Garden

Marie-Antoinette loved English gardens and would have appreciated this one in Connecticut, featured in Veranda magazine.
On an estate in Connecticut, James Doyle has created a wondrous pleasure garden replete with alluring horticultural delights — herbaceous borders, rose garden, folly, maze, chess set, orchard, parterre, topiaries, water features — and all set about with tropical plant specimens in summer. While pleasure gardens are traditionally public amusement park affairs, this enchanting setting is private and brings joy and happiness to all involved, from owners to caretakers and, immeasurably, to Doyle, the landscape designer who conceived it and attends its evolution. "Old Mill Farm is one of the last great estates in Greenwich, a 1926 landmark treasure," he notes. "My clients and I have tried to create a balance between architecture and horticulture." They have succeeded spectacularly.


tubbs said...

(LOL) Thinking of you walking your daughter in a shady English Garden, daughter holding a basket with kitty peeking out from the top of it, with Mr. Gainsborough on the side, capturing the scene.

elena maria vidal said...

With wide, floppy straw hats and ruffled pinafores...yes, that's us....