Friday, September 10, 2010

The Passing of Henrietta Maria

Author Stephanie Mann writes of the exiled Queen, saying:
Perhaps she led the widowed life in exile denied Marie Antoinette. There are certainly other parallels between the two monarch couples--the strained relationship at first; the deepening love and interdependence; the loyalty and faithfulness; the queen's role in the king's difficulties in ruling the nation--the role of the executed monarch as a saintly figure--except that Louis XVI had been deposed and Charles I still held his title. The great difference between them is that Henrietta Maria escaped.
More about Henrietta Maria, including her connection to Maryland, HERE.
In the lone tent, waiting for victory,  
She stands with eyes marred by the mists of pain,
Like some wan lily overdrenched with rain:
The clamorous clang of arms, the ensanguined sky,
War's ruin, and the wreck of chivalry
To her proud soul no common fear can bring:
Bravely she tarrieth for her Lord the King,
Her soul a-flame with passionate ecstasy.
~from "Henrietta Maria" by Oscar Wilde

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Stephanie A. Mann said...

I thought that post might catch your eye! What do you think of the comparison at the end?

elena maria vidal said...

I love it. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette often thought of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. They are one of the reasons Marie-Antoinette refused to leave Louis' side, because she was afraid of not being able to be with him in his hour of need, which is what happened to Henrietta Maria to her lasting regret. Great post!

SF said...

The poem by Oscar Wilde is beautiful!!

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Mr. Wilde certainly had a way with words!

tubbs said...

HM doesn't seem to have been considered a great beauty. Yet this portrait, which I never saw 'til yesterday, shows a rather attractive woman. If the Puritans disliked her, well the Court seemed to find her charming enough.

GoodNews - her blood runs thru the veins of Princes william and Harry, via their Mum, Princess Di.

Archduchess Maria Carollton said...

Thanks for this fascinating article, Elena! I also agree that HM is a beauty!

elena maria vidal said...

Both Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were direct descendants as well.

Thank you, Archduchess!

Matterhorn said...

Marie-Antoinette was very brave to stay by her husband's side, although I don't blame Henrietta Maria for escaping.

elena maria vidal said...

Henrietta Maria only left because she thought she could help her husband more away from his side by trying to raise money for the royalist cause. She wanted to be at his side and would have gone to death with him but was prevented from returning to England.

Matterhorn said...

Yes, of course, that is why I don't blame her.

tubbs said...

The more I gaze at this very unstylized portrait, the prettier she seems. Hard to believe she was the daughter of old Hoagie-Nose and his homely Mob-Princess wife.
And those beautiful, soulful, Bourbon eyes. You can see them in her great(x)granddaughter/Madame Royale's eyes.

Matterhorn said...

Good point about the eyes. I had never focused on it before but it does seem to be a trait in the family.

Violet said...

It is one thing that i wonder?
Ive heard that Henrietta Maria was a quite shoty mother to Charles (II) and tyrannized him:( While Marie Antoinette was a great, great mother to all of her children :-)