Monday, September 13, 2010

Faith and Faithfulness

How prayer helps married couples stay together.
INFIDELITY is rampant in nature. Birds, mammals, amphibians and even fish all cheat if the conditions are right, forcing mates to remain perpetually vigilant. People are no different. Although cheats are publicly condemned, or in some cases impeached, infidelity is common and public disapproval does little to dissuade the sinner. The disapproval of God, however, is a different matter, and a new study suggests that prayer can indeed guide people away from adulterous behaviour.

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Archduchess Maria Carollton said...

Thank you for posting this, Elena. In a world where people think much more carefully about the home they are going to buy, than about a life mate and fidelity, this is profound.

The effects of infidelity are like the ripples on a once peaceful lake where a large stone has been thrown in. The results are immediate and far reaching.

One of the best deterrents I've ever heard about regarding fighting off temptation, is the solemn truth that the offender will one day have to look into the face of the Lord Jesus Christ and explain his/her actions.

We WILL give account!! We must all keep that thought close to our hearts and live accordingly.