Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Fairy Tale Romance

Our Fairy Tale Romance by Andrew Schmiedicke is a short but poignant, funny, and utterly romantic account of a young man's search for his bride, the bride in this case being author Regina Doman. A contemporary story which reflects the struggle many young people have in finding a spouse, it is nevertheless a timeless tale of awakening love, of a knight finding his lady. According to Fairy Tale Novels:
At the time the story begins, Andrew is a bachelor in his mid-twenties, living back at his parents' house after a series of failed relationships and employment endeavors. Despite a passionate desire for marriage, Andrew wonders if circumstances and God's plan are conspiring to keep him a bachelor. But after an unexpected phone call, Andrew sets off on a spiritual and physical journey across hundreds of miles in search of a spouse and "happily ever after".

The author shares the touching story of how he met and married his wife, a "princess in disguise": young adult author Regina Doman (author of Angel in the Waters and the Fairy Tale Novels) in this inspirational booklet.

There was so much about Andrew's book with which I could totally identify, especially the parts about living in a cave-like basement apartment and making novenas to St. Raphael the Archangel. The moment of knowing that you know you have found your spouse is vividly described and how well I recall that moment in my own life. As entertaining as Andrew's story is there is a great deal of wisdom as well, and some guidance about how to discern a path in life.

Above is a lovely picture of Regina in her wedding gown, based upon a dress of Marie-Antoinette's.

(*Our Fairy Tale Romance was sent to me as a gift from the author Andrew Schmiedicke.) Share


Lucy said...

What a lovely review:) This sounds like such a candid and refreshing read. Thanks:)

tubbs said...

O M G ,

Who staged that photo?...D.G. Rosetti himself!?!? Lizzie Siddal - eat your heart out!

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, it is like a lovely pre-Raphaelite painting!