Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Monastery in Tulsa

Our dear friend Fr. Mark shares some happy news along with some magnificent reflections.
The Most Reverend Edward J. Slattery, bishop of Tulsa, Oklahoma, intends to establish in his diocese a monastery of Benedictine Monks (Adorers of the Eucharistic Face of Jesus, O.S.B.) dedicated to adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist, intercession and reparation for priests, and the spiritual support of the clergy through hospitality, days of recollection, and retreats.

The Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle in the Diocese of Tulsa will be a place wherein priests and deacons may go apart for one thing only: to seek God. And where is God to be found except in Christ? "The knowledge of the glory of God," says Saint Paul, "is given to us in the Face of His Christ" (2 Cor 4:6).

Yesterday's Introit is the liturgical expression of this spirituality of the Holy Face. "Thou hast said, 'Seek ye my Face.' My heart says to thee, 'Thy Face, Lord, do I seek.' Hide not thy Face from me" (Ps 27:8-9a). The Holy Spirit works in lectio divina and Eucharistic adoration to reproduce in us the traits of the Holy Face of Christ. Pope Benedict XVI has recommended that both forms of seeking the Holy Face -- lectio divina and Eucharistic adoration -- be part of one's daily rhythm of prayer.



Charles said...

Tulsa has a GREAT bishop! This is the second group of Benedictines to land there. Tulsa has a vibrant Latin Mass community, the FSSP had to add a second Mass on Sundays. The SSPX is present also. Is there something afoot in Tulsa? :)

Father Jackson from the FSSP worked with Bishop Slattery to bring in these monks from Fontgombault about ten years ago. The story I heard at the time was they took over an old ranch once owned by a person known as Bootlegger Annie. :)

elena maria vidal said...

Oh, how interesting. I am ready to move to Tulsa!