Monday, July 13, 2009

Fashion Plates by Ingrid Mida

"18th Century Hat #2"

Toronto artist Ingrid Mida has created a unique revival of antique fashion plates using the toile de Jouy of the ancien régime. Ingrid has done detailed research on historical fashions, particularly those worn by Queen Marie-Antoinette, and shares her discoveries, as well as her creations, on her blog Fashion is My Muse. When I inquired about her work, Ingrid kindly shared with me a little about her creative journey, saying:
I spent three years developing the process to create these plates and wasted a lot of fabric and time. I used to be a painter but became allergic to the fumes in paint and had to find another form of expression. I started working with fabric and paper. The process I used to create these plates came together for me in the fall of 2008. I've slowly extended my range and incorporated more embroidery and beadwork into the plates.
I am always inspired by artists who find innovative ways of bringing the past into the present, so that the old becomes new again. While Ingrid's work is carried by exclusive shops such as La Pastorale in Owen Sound, Ontario, it is also readily available online through her Esty shop, and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Visit Ingrid at

"18th Century Hat #1"

"18th Century Hat #3"

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Ingrid Mida said...

Hi Elena,
Thank you for this lovely post about me! How kind of you! I agree that history is rich source of inspiration!

Lucy said...

I agree that her stuff is absolutely gorgeous- Ingrid is extremely talented and sooo creative.

Tristan Robin said...

I have long been a fan of Mida's work - and her blog!

I'm so glad that I've now discovered your blog - I've already spent too much time perusing past posts. I'll be back to read and see more.