Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Ballad for Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor: Renaissance Queen features an old ballad written to commemorate the pregnancy of Queen Mary. How bittersweet, since it is now known that she was not actually with child but instead was gravely ill.
Now singe, now springe, our care is exiled.
Our vertuous Quene is quickned with child.

Nowe englande is happie, and happie in dede,
That god of his goodness, dothe prospir here seede:
Therefore let us praie, it was never more nede,
God prosper her highnes, god send her good sped.

How manie good people, were longe in dispaire,
That this letel
(little) englane, shold lacke a right heire:
But nowe the swet marigold, springeth to fayre,
That England triumpheth, without anie care.
Here are ten random facts about Mary I. Many people would not imagine that someone regarded as such an austere character loved dancing and fine clothes. Share


May said...

Poor Queen Mary. So many tragedies and disappointments.

elena maria vidal said...

So true!