Monday, February 12, 2007

When is "niceness" a form of Sloth?

I have read this article from the archives of the NOR before but it is good to read it again. Being "nice" can be a form of the sin of sloth when honesty and directness are needed. The problem is, people are being so honest and direct now that they say whatever comes into their minds without regard for the consequences. Prudence is a neglected virtue. Share


Steven said...

Dear M. Vidal,

I think it is often the case that people confuse "niceness" with "kindness." While it is positively true that we need not always be "nice," we must always be kind--that is, whatever correction needs to be put into place must be done with charity even if with firmness.

Nice and kind are not the same thing. Kindness and gentleness are aspects of Jesus. Niceness (in both the American and the British sense of the word) is a characteristic of the Pharisees.



elena maria vidal said...

Excellent points, Steven. Thank you.