Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Feast of Saint Nicholas the Wonder-worker

Saint Nicholas of Myra, the "Wonder-worker," was in some ways the Padre Pio of the fourth century. If people of some distant century were to read of the extraordinary miracles of Saint Pio, they would surely think them to be legendary, except that so many of his healings are documented. Saint Nicholas did not have the advantage of modern medical science to affirm the healings worked by God through him, but he has the devotion of the Church of the East and the West, and has long been venerated as patron of children, mariners, and brides. Share


Georgette said...

Happy St Nick's Day!!

Did little baby E put out her shoes last night so St Nick could fill them with goodies?

If you forgot, there's still time to do it. Just tell her to put them out the front door for St Nick to come by sometime in the day!

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, she got a her gift today in honor of Saint Nick! She is thrilled!

Anonymous said...

A Blessed St Nicholas Feastday to you too!!
Hugs and kisses to Ellie girl! She is at such a fun age right now, when this time of year is just so magical. Enjoy her, Mom and Dad!! God bless you all.

What a great blog!

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Beth!! Happy feast day to all of you!!

pimprenelle said...

Indeed, dear, Saint Nicolas is the "patron des écoliers" ! In Belgium, there are big feats on Saint Nicolas' day, and children receive chocolates, fruit... and toys, if they have been good boys and girls !

elena maria vidal said...

That sounds wonderful, Pimprenelle. American children have no such fun on Dec 6, unless their parents create it for them.