Monday, December 11, 2006

The End of Socialism

Here is an in-depth article by Murray N. Rothbard about the false-god who failed. Share


Georgette said...

I have seen these forces of incentive (and lack thereof) in action here in India, and it is funny to think that anybody (especially the academics) could have been so ignorant of human nature as to think this system could work -- especially without God! This is something that every Indian housewife knows instinctively when dealing with her houseservants, even when India was fully socialist: Money is the most powerful incentive for a job well done.

India is a socialist country in transition to becoming more and more capitalist with each passing year, so it is interesting to see and compare the lingering socialist institutions left in place alongside the privatized companies. The difference is very stark. Just a few months ago, the government run Air India and India Airlines were finally sold into the private sector because they were unable to compete with the more efficient and nonmilitary style international commercial airlines which India opened up to just a few years ago. It is good to see the military-like uniforms (and treatment of passengers!) of airline workers go!

And similar comparisons can be made with the remaining institutions which still have the government finger in them, like the banks and hospitals. Ask anyone that if their child were seriously ill and if they had the choice, would they send him to a government or private hospital. No one would choose the inefficient, lazy, non-care attitude of the government hospitals over the private ones!

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks for the insights, Georgette. I fear that we are becoming more socialist here in the USA everyday.