Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A short reflection on martyrdom for Saint Cecilia's day

While in Rome, my mother bought me a small statue of Saint Cecilia, the early Roman martyr from the turn of the early third century. It is based on the life-size one in her basilica, sculpted after her incorrupt body was exhumed in the sixteenth century. She is lying on her side in her dressing gown with her neck half-severed. Cecilia was killed in her bathroom, and the executioner who hacked at her neck was put off by her calm dignity. It took her three days to die. The prelude to her ordeal was an attempt to scald her, which was why she was found near the bath - one of those huge Roman baths. For Cecilia belonged to one of the ancient Roman families and possessed great wealth. She was young, beautiful, and desired, but she died because she refused to renounce her Savior.

While journeying through life it is easy to understand why so many of the martyrs were very young. When people are young they do not understand what it is to lose life. Sacrifices are easier when you do not fully grasp what is being renounced. There is a special valor, a reckless courage, possessed by young soldiers which old soldiers do not always have. And yet Christians of every age are called to be soldiers of Christ and martyrs in spirit if not in body. The fortitude that seemed so effortless in my grandparents in their old age I see now was no small thing.

As Abbot Gueranger wrote in The Liturgical Year, Volume XV: "The lesson will not be lost if we come to understand this much: had the first Christians feared, they would have betrayed us, and the word of life would never have come down to us; if we fear, we shall betray future generations, for we are expected to transmit to them the deposit we have received from our fathers." Those who had faith and courage, whether it was Saint Cecilia in her agony, or my grandmothers in their nursing homes, where they spent many years before they died, have passed on to me a priceless gift.


Georgette said...


I love St Cecilia, middle name is Cecilia and Mimi was baptized on her feast day, which was a miracle in itself.

Happy St Cecilia day!

elena maria vidal said...

Happy Name day, Georgette! Yes, our wedding anniversary is tomorrow and Saint Cecilia's day I associate with the preparations to be wed.

Georgette said...

Wow! So Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving as well as Happy Feast Day of St Cecilia!!

May God bless you and your dear hubby and precious baby with many many blessings!

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Melanie said...

I like the quote from Dom Gueranger!