Thursday, January 14, 2021

Four Lessons About the Left

 From TFP:

The first lesson that must be learned is that the left’s mode of operation is different from the right. The left’s moral relativism allows it to be selective in calling something wrong. The radical left has always taught that the end justifies the means. Its followers do not believe in objective right or wrong. Anything that advances its revolution is moral and praiseworthy. Anything that hinders the revolution must be scorned and vilified.

Thus, the Capitol’s storming was a wrong act that needs to be condemned. However, do not expect this censure to be applied to similar actions performed by the left. It does no good to contrast the Capitol incident with the hundreds of left-approved, “mostly peaceful” riots that caused an estimated $2 billion in damages over the summer. Conservatives will point in vain to a thousand inflammatory quotes and videos of liberal politicians justifying and validating the civil unrest during 2020. Leftists see such violence as well and good. It favored their revolution.

This is the left’s mode of acting. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. (Read more.)


From The Federalist:

So much for incitement. As to insurrection, at no point was the overthrow of the government of the United States even a remotely possible outcome, not even close. Those cosplaying idiots taking selfies in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and parading around with podiums had no intentions of forming a new government. This was an expression of anger, not a realistic, organized coup attempt. Anyone among the rioters who believed their actions would result in the overthrow of the government, if there were any, were delusional to the point of insanity.

So if it wasn’t incitement and it wasn’t insurrection, why do the Democrats, the corporate media, and the big tech tyrants want you to believe it was? That is quite simple, actually. The purpose is to create an atmosphere of crisis and emergency that gives cover to extreme and illiberal actions to punish and silence those with whom they disagree politically.

And that has worked. Trump is banned from Twitter, as are thousands of his supporters, and big tech has colluded to destroy its competitor, Parler. Democrats are moving forward with an absurd and pointless impeachment, Simon & Schuster has canceled Sen. Josh Hawley’s book that criticizes big tech, and people who merely attended the rally and never stormed the Capitol are being fired and abused. (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

We in this Country are experiencing the censure and criminalizing of free speech which is the first step to infringing upon our rights under the Constitution. Because of the Democrat Party's illegal control in manipulating the election of 2020 they believe they will continue to hold power over the rest of us 75 million people forever. But I have lived long enough to know 'what goes around comes around' and they will someday be forced to deal with their corrupt behavior.